I’m still out here!

Hey I just thought I’d do a quick PCT update because I failed so miserably at updating this blog. I think the last time I updated it was over a thousand miles ago, yikes. Anyways, I’m still on the trail, still hiking towards Canada, my feet still hurt, I still have fantasies about cheeseburgers, I’m still hiking with Smiles, and I’m still in good spirits.

This trail hasn’t been easy by any means but the further I walk the more I realize how much it’s changing me in ways I never expected. I’ve been able to completely step away from my life and reexamine it from a distance. I stepped off the ladder that keeps me reaching towards whatever the next thing is and I get to spend time thinking about what I truly want and don’t want out of life. It’s definitely easier to figure out what I don’t want- to get stuck in the endless loop of working all the time to pay for the things that enable me to keep living a life where I work all the time. It turns out I don’t need lots of stuff to be happy, I’d rather have experiences and friends to show for a life well lived. I want to contribute to society in a meaningful way. I have lots of time to think and I like seeing how my ideas change as I keep reprocessing them.

Right now I’m in the town where I spent the first 18 years of my life- Sammamish, Washington. I just finished my last zero day of the trail and I’ll be back at Snoqualmie Pass tomorrow to hit the last 250 miles of trail. It’s weird being this far and it’s really strange to think I’ll be done in two weeks. My body is definitely ready to be done but I’m not so sure I’m emotionally there yet.

It turns out I really love this lifestyle and I know it will be hard to walk away from such a simple way of living. The only things I have to worry about on the trail are food, water, and staying warm. People refer to the outside world as “real life” all the time but I’m beginning to realize that this is real life and modern society is a construct that we all subscribe to without giving a second thought. The idea of ever wasting time being stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line kills me. Don’t worry though, I’m pretty stoked to sleep on a bed and use flush toilets again. The modern world definitely has its conveniences and I’ll appreciate them so much more.

I’ve been loving these lyrics from Lord Huron:

“When we’re dead and gone, 
Will the mountains remember, 
Or just carry on
Moving as slow as the forest grows
And turn our bones into dust, 
An untold legend is lighting up
When will I reach that light that I’m running to,
When I die, 
Will it turn out forever 
There’s a fire burning inside of me,
When I die,
Will I burn out forever”

Peace and love,



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